Holographic maps are way cooler than 3D images

Zebra Imaging Holographic Maps 544px
(credit: screenshot from YouTube video)

remember the movie AVATAR (Twentieth Century Fox, 2009)? those commercial alien-mineral diggers were viewing a holographic map of the Na’vi tribe’s dwelling area? well, this innovation from Zebra Imaging works something like of sort. the best part is, you have wear those ugly 3D glasses to see them in real 3D – with depth. not that those guys over at Pandora are wearing any though.

i don’t really think holographic imaging is suitable for TV (i can’t imagine the headache i will get with so many layers of activity going on at the same time) but more for mapping, just like what they did on the Pandora. perhaps an excellent idea for landscape planning, rescue mission planning, battle field planning et cetera. just don’t use it for illicit activities such as snatching other being’s resources. check out the videos below. it really look awesome.

via Wired

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