For those who spend a lot of time flying, investing in an airplane hangar is one way to provide the best possible conditions for your plane. Whether you plan on keeping it at home or want to protect your investment from bad weather and vandals, airplane hangars serve both economic and practical purposes.

Everything You Need To Know About Airplane Hangars
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When most people think of airplane hangars, they immediately picture massive airplane storage sheds located at airports.

While these are great for keeping the planes safe while not in use, it doesn’t make sense to have one of these giant buildings when all you need is temporary protection for your plane when it’s in the hangar.

Read on to know about airplane hangars, their building costs, and construction requirements.

What are Airplane Hangars?

According to reports, the global aircraft hangar market size is poised to grow by $1.12 billion during 2020–2024.

Airplane hangars are buildings explicitly designed to protect airplanes from bad weather and vandalism while not in use.

Sometimes, hangar owners will opt for an airplane storage shed located at the airport instead of building one on their property.

As long as you have enough space to land your plane, you can build a hangar big enough to house it.

It is beneficial if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes and winter storms.

What are the Differences Between Commercial and Private Hangars?

There are no differences between private airplane hangars and commercial ones built at airports; they are called differently. The main difference between both is the size.

Commercial airplane hangars are much larger than private ones because they accommodate more planes, so they are usually situated at airports or near them.

If you want to protect your airplane when it is not in use, all you need is a large enough hangar at home.

Everything You Need To Know About Airplane Hangars
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What is the Cost of Building an Airplane Hangar?

The costs associated with building airplane hangars vary widely, depending on the construction materials and the size you want.

On average, a small airplane hangar can cost anywhere from $71 to $188 per square foot if you build it yourself. If you go for prefabricated ones, you’ll pay around $100 to $150 per square foot.

The number also depends on the location of your hangar because airplane hangars are built differently depending on whether they are located inside or outside city limits.

If you choose to have your private airplane hangar built at an airport, the cost will be more than what you would pay for a regular one at home, typically around $145 per square foot.

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What are the Requirements for Building an Airplane Hangar?

To build airplane hangars, you need at least 200 feet of clear land that is flat and free from obstacles.

If you want to have it built at an airport location, there are other requirements as well – your plane should not interfere with any of the airport’s activities, which includes landings and take-offs.

To build your airplane hangar, you’ll need to apply for a building permit from your local authorities. Contact your city’s construction department for more information on applying for an airplane hangar permit.

While building airplane hangars may seem like a lot of hassle, it is a rather fun project. If you opt for prefabricated airplane hangar kits, the process will be even more straightforward and more affordable.

Construction materials also affect the overall cost, with steel being the cheapest option and concrete being the most expensive. Airplane hangars require sturdy frameworks because they usually house huge planes.

So, if you want to use your hangar for more than just storage, consider using steel airplane hangar kits with concrete flooring to give it that extra strength and durability.

Advantages of Airplane Hangers

Large airplanes can be costly. If you have one, you will need a large hangar to store it in during bad weather conditions or when it is not used.

Not only are airplane hangars big enough to house your plane, but they also offer security. Many airplane hangars come with electronic keypads for additional security, and some also have lighting for nighttime use.

The size of airplane hangars is perfect for storing anything else apart from your planes, such as sports equipment and motorcycles.

If you live in an area where winters can be severe and summers are hot, an airplane hangar might be what you need to ensure the safety of your prized possession.

Everything You Need To Know About Airplane Hangars
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Airplane hangars are an excellent option for people who have large airplanes that they don’t want to keep in their garage. They are also ideal for storing other types of equipment during the winter because airplane hangars are heated with the help of forced air systems.

Contact a specialist now if you need more information on building airplane hangars at home or elsewhere.

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