You may decide to clean your dryer vents or hire a dryer vent cleaner to do it for you. Dryers use electricity or gas to dry the clothes after a wash. Although the clothes are washed clean, some dirt is deposited in the dryer duct. Lint from the clothes also gets trapped on the vent, blocking the exit of hot air from the system.

The dryer starts to overheat with time, and some parts stop functioning properly. If you notice that your dryer is taking too long to dry the clothes, you should clean it or call a professional to do the job. There are many articles on cleaning a dryer vent, but homeowners do not know that some mistakes can cost them a lot when washing the dryer. If you are not hiring a dryer vent cleaner, avoid these mistakes during the DIY process.

  1. Do Not Forget To Unplug The Dryer
    Whether your machine uses electricity or gas power, the first step is to unplug it from the main supply cable. Working with the dryer when plugged in can lead to severe accidents like electric shocks. Some parts of the machine could also burn to leave you with expensive replacements to do.
  2. Avoid Using Hard Brushes
    According to a professional dryer vent cleaner, brushes with stiff bristles can cause damage to the duct. Choose brushes with soft bristles and scrub gently when loosening the dirt. Also, use vacuums with the correct pressure to ensure all the dirt is sucked out.
  3. Avoid DIYs If You Don’t Have The Skills
    Most homeowners attempt to DIY in most home improvements, not remembering that washing appliances need special skills. If you are not experienced in the job, call a professional. It is better to pay $70, have your machine safe than to DIY, and cause damages that will force you to replace the entire machine.
  4. Failing To Check Any Damages On The Duct
    Ensure you check if there are any damages to the duct. This could be simple tears and wear on old vents and cracks. You can use another material to patch the cracks up. The too big damages will require you to replace the entire system.
  5. Avoid Bending The Duct Too Much
    Ducts are easy to bend, but some materials can crack if you overbend. When cleaning, use long brushes to get to the other end of long ducts to avoid overfolding. Also, bending creates crevices for lint, and you will need to clean the duct more often.
  6. Avoid Using Duct Tape On The Machine
    A duct tape can melt from the hot air from the duct. If you notice cracks that need to be fixed, use aluminum tape. It can withstand high temperatures.
  7. Leaving The Dryer Duct Dirty For A Long Time
    Ensure you check the dryer duct twice every year. If you notice any lint, clean it. Leaving the vent dirty could lead to fires and failure of the entire machine and be forced to incur expensive dryer vent repair Toronto costs.

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