Appreciation of automobile – particularly, the engine that moves it, is as much as an art as drinking a perfectly brewed cup of joe, and the two are very much unrelated. But what if you can appreciate both the engine of a car and a good cuppa at the same time and in the comfort of your own home?

Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition Coffee Machine

Well, for the well-to-do folks, there’s the new Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition Coffee Machine that will let you do so. Coming from the Super Veloce, the Germany outfit that brought to you the to-die-for Formula One-inspired V12 engine coffee machine, the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition Coffee Machine is latest addition to the brand’s aviation and motorsport-inspired coffee machines.

This one pays homage to the last modern classic 993 (that’s the 911 from the 90s) air-cooled flat-six engines that were raced competitively. Obviously, it is not the actual engine, but it has all the details, from the fan to the boxer engine block to the velocity stack, aka trumpet, that lined the top of both sides of the engine.

Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition Coffee Machine

Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition is a ground coffee, capsule type espresso maker handcrafted from surgical stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium, and motorsport/race car requisite, carbon fiber.

It is an absolutely stunning coffee machine that any petrol head will appreciate. As you can already tell, I am sold, but unfortunately, I am not in the financial position to own one. However, if you have do, you may pick up this exquisite coffee machine from Super Veloce for a grand €10.200 (or roughly $11,050).

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All images courtesy of Super Veloce.

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