German-based Circus Troupe Uses Hologram Of Animals As Part Of Its Performances

Aside from funny clowns and heart-stopping trapeze, animals played a huge part in a circus. Unfortunately, due to reported abuses and maltreatment of these animal performers, as well as concern for public safety, animals were slowly banned across the world as far back as year 2000. Since then, circus performances have never been the same.

Japanese Company Wants To Install High-tech, Hologram-like Interface In Japan’s Toilets

You know how some sci-fi movies show people using interfaces that appeared to be floating in the air? Have you ever thought about why? I did (think about it) and I arrive at no conclusion as to why other than it looked cool and decidedly, well, futuristic.

The Display Tech Behind RED Hydrogen One Holographic Phone Revealed!

I love Star Wars as much as I love The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy because, the sci-fi movie franchise is loaded with many future tech that are still a dream to us mortals. As far as Star Wars is concerned, one of the tech that captures our imagination most would be holographic technology, particularly …

RED’s First Smartphone Is Touted As “Holographic Media Machine”

Believe it or not, RED, the professional cinematic camera maker is going to have a smartphone and if you think that’s highly improbable, wait till to hear what this Android-powered device has to offer. While details are scarce at this moment, what the device promises will be enough to blow your mind and probably make …

You Can Build Your Own Star Wars Holocron with this Open-source Holographic Platform

For those who have been dreaming about video calls the holographic way like what the people from the galaxy far, far away did, well, your dream might just come true. We say ‘might’ cos’ we reserve our right for scepticism since we have yet to see it for ourselves and besides, the fact that the …