You know how some sci-fi movies show people using interfaces that appeared to be floating in the air? Have you ever thought about why? I did (think about it) and I arrive at no conclusion as to why other than it looked cool and decidedly, well, futuristic.

However, in the real world, or post-2020, to be specific, Japanese company Murakami Corporation found a good reason for such technology: novel coronavirus.

Murakami Floating Pictogram Technology

Surfaces touched by countless people can help spread germs and viruses like the coronavirus and hence, this new hologram-like interface technology.

The Japanese firm, which is in the business of automobile rear view mirror, has developed a new technology called Floating Pictogram Technology, a contactless interface system using the next-generation “air-floating image” optical technology. It is kind of like hologram, except that this one actually allows for interaction.

The technology was developed in collaboration with fellow Japanese company Parity Innovations, a technology development-focused venture company and pioneer in this air floating image technology.

Murakami Floating Pictogram Technology

Basically, image of the interface is projected while a patent-pending spatial sensing technology is used to determine the finger and therefore the touch position that would allow it to trigger the corresponding action.

This technology will have varied applications, including ATMs, security keypad, elevator and whatnot. However, the company plans to first implement this technology for Japan’s renowned, high-tech wash-and-dry functions in public toilets.

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Totally make sense to start with a place that is swarming with germs and possibly viruses. Murakami Corporation plans to go into mass production of the high-tech, contact-less toilet panels in 2022.

Images: Murakami Corporation.

Source: SoraNews24.

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