Dyson Air Quality Backpack Used to Track Air Pollution

Dyson has reworked its existing sensing technology used in its air purifiers incorporated into a backpack which allows the backpack to double as an air sensing device. Over 300 primary school students and 12 teachers from six schools in Melbourne’s inner west will carry the Dyson Air Quality Backpacks for four days in a pioneering citizen science study by Deakin University, Australia, and Dyson.

Dyson Air Quality Backpack Used to Track Air Pollution

The high-tech backpack, which also lets the children and teachers carry their daily essentials needed for school (obviously), will collect air quality data as a measure of the children’s exposure to air pollution when they are on their school commute. The data will be analyzed by Deakin University researchers.

The end goal is to “equip, empower, and educate children as air quality scientists, raise community awareness, and collect valuable data to help tackle inner-city air pollution,” says Dyson. In addition, the researchers will also work with participating students on behavioral solutions to improve the quality of the air they breathe. The primary schools are expected to start data collection in the coming months and the findings will be published later this year.

It is worth noting that this is not new. The backpack was first developed for Breathe London Wearable Study, which was a similar project in the U.K. in collaboration with King’s College London and the Greater London Authority.

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Now, can some initiate a study on noise pollution too and how it affects our mental health? I am not joking. Also, I wish the Dyson Air Quality Backpack is for sale but with an air purifying feature.

Images: Dyson.