The Dieter Rams-designed The Wandanlage HiFi wall system from 1965 has been given an updated look by founder of Off-White and artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh. The update is in fact very subtle and it is something you either hate it or love it.

Braun x Virgil Abloh The Wandanlage

Created for the Braun’s 100th anniversary, the Braun x Virgil Abloh The Wandanlage now rocks a chrome aesthetic that is supposed to be “timeless”. And that’s about it from as far as we can see.

We suspect devotees of the legendary designer will not be amused. Personally, I think the updated look is pretty sleek, but a tad too simple. It is essentially a redeco of the original. Well, at least, there’s nothing shocking that would marred Rams’ original work. I mean, given Virgil’s penchant for quirky touches, I was worried for a moment.

Braun x Virgil Abloh The Wandanlage

For the uninitiated, The Wandanlage is a beautiful wall-mounted HiFi system that has everything one may come to expect of a high-end HiFi system of that time.

OK. May be not the tape recorder which it also has along with a control unit and a pair of flat speakers flanking the system. With the 2021 The Wandanlage, it now boasts a turntable that hangs off below the main system.

Braun x Virgil Abloh The Wandanlage

Images: Braun.

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