These days, our phones are capable of so much more; sometimes, all it needs is a helping hand from an accessory and/or an app. The 60x Clip-on Phone Field Microscope, a STEM Engagement Venture of South Australia-based Sensibility Pty Ltd., is one such accessory. Clip-on microscope for smartphone isn’t new, however, what makes this super affordable microscope stands out from its competitions is that it uses a multiple-lens system to afford a crisp, magnified image with less distortion and chromatic aberration over the single lens or bead variety.

With 60x, you can view the magnified subject(s) as full-screen image – thanks to the lens closeness to the phone. 60x leverages on your device’s flashlight to light up the subject(s) should there be a need for additional lighting. A rotatable light diffusion chamber can be adjusted to capture the camera flash light, so there is really no need for additional equipment when you need to explore the micro world in low light. In other words, 60x is a super simple and affordable gadget accessory that will allow both young and old explore what our naked eyes can’t see.

It can be a fun, educational accessory which can be whipped out anytime you need to dive deep into the micro world we usually don’t see. If you are keen, you can pick up the 60x as a pre-order on Indiegogo for $25-29 a pop. The campaign is on flexible goal and so, your pledge is a pre-order. Go check it out. It could be fun, you know?

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Images courtesy of Sensibility Pty Ltd.

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