The year 2020 has been a year like no other, with a pandemic that changed the world, forcing the supply chains to collapse across businesses. Like almost every other industry that faced the consequences of the previous year, the automobile sector has been no exception. Sales chart, production, and revenues going down had been a constant scene for the automakers & innovators.

Latest In-car Innovations Post The Rise Of Covid-19
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However, to pace up with current uncertainties at hand, automakers worldwide have come up with unique innovations to improve their offerings and revive their sales that have been affected by the pandemic. 

The pandemic required the whole population of the world to stay at home. This led to many growing automotive plants’ shutdown as the employees and laborers were stuck at home. It caused a massive surge in unemployment as well as a decrease in competitors in the automotive sector.

Survival of the fittest is a testament to the past, and it is the same for different automotive plants. For the automotive industry to thrive, it needs some pillars that constitute some ever-growing automotive plants. 

The worldwide automotive plant closures and slumping car sales and was a massive blow to the automotive sector. With hopes to recover their customers and introduce a safer way of traveling, automakers have been constant with introducing covid measures around their cars.

New Features Added to Car Interiors Explained for Adapting Better with the Post-pandemic World

There are a variety of new features that are being discussed by the automotive industry now to be more cautious of the spread of viral diseases. Although we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with the news of the Covid-19 vaccine, prevention is better than cure. Some of the new car interior features that are added and some others that might be added to the new models are given below. To gain extensive details, do visit Gettacar Blog.

• Redesign Vehicle Surfaces
Redesigning the vehicle surfaces and the interiors can help a lot in disinfecting and cleaning them easily. Metal surfaces attract germs and bacteria very, increasing the chances of you contracting the disease. So to avoid contracting diseases, the vehicle design is getting updated. 

The interiors design, including cushions and seating, will probably get changed as per the discussions. This will ensure that all the areas get disinfected properly while cleaning the car’s outer and inner surfaces. If all the areas are disinfected properly, it will help in keeping the car clean and germ-free. 

• Flexible Partition Between the Driver and Backseat
A flexible partition between the driver’s area and the passenger area was already proposed after the lockdown. This was applied and especially in use after the lockdown was over in commercial vehicles. As things started getting back to normal, the partition among the service providers and the customers became necessary.

In many of the commercial vehicles such as Ola and Uber, this flexible partition was included to keep the passengers separate from the drivers. This is not a complete technological update per se; it was more of an update required for the safety of both the drivers and the passengers.

• Particulate Matter (PM) Filters and Disinfectants
All new car models have the possibility of having PM filters and disinfectants as the new features. So these features might come pre-installed with your new car, if and when you are going to get a new car. 

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These features will ensure that the interiors of the cars are devoid of any harmful PM and the remaining germs and bacteria are cleaned by the provided disinfectant. So, when buying a new vehicle, this newly-added filter and disinfectant might come in handy.

• Hi-tech Connectivity Features
Some hi-tech connectivity features are being added to the comparatively cheaper car models, too, for users’ convenience. Accessing your smart devices through the car is considerable assistance in terms of staying updated with news around the world.

Most of the high-end car models already had this feature of connecting your smart device with your car. Now the more affordable models are also upgrading their vehicles to have this feature for the convenience of the users that will buy the car.

In this day and age, people e to stay connected with the virtual world as it informs them about all the news around the world. Apart from that, it also helps you manage and direct your car according to your requirements for any help related to directions, auto mode, and more. Wireless smart device charging feature is also being made available in the mid-range models. This will assist users to navigate their destination even after having a reduced phone battery as they can put it to charge along their ride and get assistance from Maps on the smart device.

• Delivering the Car in “Touch-less Bubbles.”
Yet another product of innovation that has met the curve of reality, the Indian manufacturer Tata Motors came up with this idea of delivering their cars in a unique bubble. The bubble that is made of plastic and filled with air, is a means to ensure minimal touch while customers are taking the delivery of their vehicles. 

With such innovation in its delivery, the company also looks forward to giving a much-desired boost to its sales. Perhaps, creating a no-contamination zone around the vehicle itself is an innovation of the present and is more likely to continue for the future as well.


The world has brought many changes to adapt itself to the current situation post the rise of Covid-19. Some of these changes were necessary and harsh at the moment it was being implemented, but now it has become the norm. Unfortunately, not every change was well anticipated and futuristic as Sony’s vision for the automobile of the future.

In the automobile sector, car interiors and interior technology have been through some innovation and changes to adapt to the post-pandemic world. It has not been very easy adapting to all the new changes. These changes include to derive sales and keep the growth of the automobile sector alive.

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