Believe it or not, RED, the professional cinematic camera maker is going to have a smartphone and if you think that’s highly improbable, wait till to hear what this Android-powered device has to offer. While details are scarce at this moment, what the device promises will be enough to blow your mind and probably make you take a second look at the calendar, you know, just to make sure we are indeed far away from April the 1st. Anywho, the company’s first smartphone, will be an Android-powered device called Hydrogen One.

The company describes Hydrogen One as “holographic media machine” which will allow for the viewing and capturing of “multi-dimensional” imagery – all without the need for special glasses. Here’s what the company has to say about this revolutionary, we-hope-it-will-come-true display:

“This incredible retina-riveting display advancement features nanotechnology that seamlessly switches between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content, and interactive games”

There is no doubt that Hydrogen One is a bold, if not the boldest, promise any device maker has to offer. Like I said, details are scarce, but according to our source, this industrial-looking imaging/communication device will sport a 5.7-inch “holographic” display, a “modular component system” that allows attachment for shooting higher quality images, works with popular RED cameras to serve as an interface and display, will be outfitted with a USB-C port for charging and connectivity, and also, it will have expandable storage by the way of microSD card slot.

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Two versions will be offered: an aluminum model goes for a cool $1,195 and a titanium model that commands an even cooler sticker of $1,595. While Hydrogen One
s promised delivery in early 2018 is still quite a wait, the company is already taking pre-order on its website. However, if you are keen, do note that specifications,

Image: RED.

via PetaPixel.

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