2017-ish Tech $1,600 RED Hydrogen One Titanium Starts Shipping

Here’s a really simple way of showing that you are crazy rich: pay handsome amount for a phone with yesterday’s specs. If that sounds good to you, then the RED Hydrogen One Titanium version is right up your rich alley. Digital cinematography equipment maker RED had announced the plan to make a revolutionary multimedia smartphone […]

The Display Tech Behind RED Hydrogen One Holographic Phone Revealed!

I love Star Wars as much as I love The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy because, the sci-fi movie franchise is loaded with many future tech that are still a dream to us mortals. As far as Star Wars is concerned, one of the tech that captures our imagination most would be holographic technology, particularly […]

RED’s First Smartphone Is Touted As “Holographic Media Machine”

Believe it or not, RED, the professional cinematic camera maker is going to have a smartphone and if you think that’s highly improbable, wait till to hear what this Android-powered device has to offer. While details are scarce at this moment, what the device promises will be enough to blow your mind and probably make […]

This Is What A Virtual Reality Camera System Looks Like and It Is Monstrous in Size and in Price

while you are being awed by virtual reality, have you ever thought about what captures those awe-inspiring 360-degree imageries? ok, maybe there aren’t that many content right now, but trust us, there are people out there working hard to get them to you and among them, is a company called NextVR and the rig you […]

REDRAY 4K Cinema Player

there are a couple of reasons why one might be in need of a 4K cinema player: first, you probably have a 4K video rig and a 4K UDTV but don’t have a player to playback those ultra high definition footages and two, you are just one heck of an insane videophile who believe that the only the best resolution available to mortal beings is the only resolution that your eyes should…

RED EPIC-M Monochrome

some manufacturer don’t just name their products for the sake of naming. in fact, some folks are dead serious about what their products are capable of, and thus they named their products with uber-confident model names. one such product is the RED EPIC-M. we read about this epic camera more than a year ago and it is back in all its monochrome glory…