RED SCARLET-X. 5K REDCODE RAW stills, 4K motion.

RED SCARLET-X 900x600px
(image: RED) RED SCARLET-X | from US$9,750.00 |

what looks like a chunked up DSLR could be something of a dream machine for any budget movie maker. with a starting price of $9,750, the new sister model to the Red EPIC, the SCARLET-X, sports feature like motion capture from 1 to 30 fps in glorious 4K resolution and stunning 5K resolution still images, and it can do both simultaneously. other features include interchangeable lens mount system, compatibility with major brand lenses (such as Panavision, Nikon lenses), and HDRx footage capable. basically, it has the architecture of the EPIC but a tad smaller and a whole lot less pricer. so what’s not to love? so can we expect more indie film coming our way since excellent video are a more affordable now? perhaps.
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