I am sure you heard of the brand, Royole. It is the brand responsible for the first-to-market folding phone, FlexPai, and made quite some waves helping Louis Vuitton to develop the luxury flexible display handbags. Well, here’s a product from Royole that not many people mention about: Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater.

Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater

It is a video eyewear that, well, lets you get entertained while shutting out the rest of the world around you. It supports both 2D and 3D videos, and it is WiFi-enabled and also sports a HDMI input, so you can get entertained with YouTube videos, movies, or even connect to a game console to play your favorite video games.

Other features include a foldable design, 32 GB internal storage, a built in battery good for up to 5 hours of use, active noise cancellation, focus-able optics allow eyewear wearers to be used without glasses, and advanced AMOLED displays that create a virtual 800-inch giant curved screen before you, delivering FHD resolution with an astonishing 3,000+ ppi.

However, such shut-the-world-out entertainment device does not come cheap. Royole is selling Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater on the brand’s website for a cool $599.99 a pop. Available in three color options: Black, White and Gold.

Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater

Images: Royole.

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