Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater Puts A 800″ Screen Right Before Your Eyes

I am sure you heard of the brand, Royole. It is the brand responsible for the first-to-market folding phone, FlexPai, and made quite some waves helping Louis Vuitton to develop the luxury flexible display handbags. Well, here’s a product from Royole that not many people mention about: Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater.

Louis Vuitton Flexible Display Handbags’ Display Was Created By Royole

Remember Royole? The first company to launch a foldable smartphone, FlexPai? And also, remember the futuristic Louis Vuitton Flexible Display Handbags? Well, as it turns out, Royole was responsible for the display on the Parisian fashion house’s high-tech handbags debuted at the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2020 in New York.

The World’s First Foldable Screen Smartphone Is Here And It Will Go On Flash Sale Today

You probably never heard of Rouyu Technology (or Royole), but you will remember this handset maker from now on because, it will be remembered as the first company to unveil a foldable screen smartphone that money can buy. We are not talking about a dual screen device here; it is a phone with actual folding …