This Wearable Cinema Offers 5K Resolution And Packs A Whooping 3,515 PPI!

An immersive home theater setup that includes a big-ass UHD display and sound system proper with Dolby Digital audio to boot may set you back at tens of thousands of dollars. Clearly, that is a luxury reserved for richie rich. Not with the Cinera Edge which literally costs a fraction of that price.

DJI Introduces New Digital FPV Transmission System That Promised Latency As Low As 7ms

What you see here is DJI’s newest FPV system and it is probably as futuristic in features as its aesthetics. For the benefit of the uninitiated, FPV is, of course, for first person view. Simply referred to as DJI Digital FPV Transmission System, it comes with a FPV goggles that straight out of sci-fi movies […]

Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater Puts A 800″ Screen Right Before Your Eyes

I am sure you heard of the brand, Royole. It is the brand responsible for the first-to-market folding phone, FlexPai, and made quite some waves helping Louis Vuitton to develop the luxury flexible display handbags. Well, here’s a product from Royole that not many people mention about: Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater.

Microsoft Introduces HoloLens 2, Claims More Immersion And Comfort

Windows Phone may be dead, but Microsoft is still setting up shop at Mobile World Congress. However, this time, they are there to talk about intelligent cloud and intelligent edge – both which are topics that I will not be able to wrap my head around. So, instead of trying to pretend we are acquaint […]

Police in China Uses High-tech Facial Recognition Glasses To Nab Fugitives

As one of biggest festive season draws close, China major central bus and train stations are now flocked with human traffic trying to hop on the next bus/train back to their home towns. It is also a potential period when on-the-run criminals will leverage on to get out of town unnoticed. This means, it is […]

This Pair Of ‘Sunglasses’ Is Actually A Virtual Reality Headset

When mobile phone first appeared, consumers were fine by the water bottle-size communication gadget despite it being rather unsightly and cumbersome. Nevertheless, we lived with it. Having said that, I guess the same could apply to VR headset. For now, we are fine with donning a rectangular box on our face, but perhaps, like mobile […]

FOVE VR Headset Has Eye-tracking, Will Make Virtual World More Humanized

Some folks may experience dizziness when using virtual reality headset and it seems like it is a problem that’s here to stay for these people, a startup by the name of FOVE has invented a solution that promised to minimize the dizziness. And does so by adding eye-tracking to the usual motion sensor mix. With […]

China’s Dlodlo VR Glasses is Seriously Fashionable, Touts Specs That Seems Almost Unreal

If clunky goggles have been stopping you from diving into virtual reality eyewear, then perhaps Dlodlo Virtual Reality Glasses will change your mind. Hail from Shenzhen, China, Dlodlo prides itself as the lightest VR glasses in the market, tipping the scale at mere 4 ounces (120g) and it does so with serious fashion styling. And […]

Samsung Gear VR Innovation Edition VR Headset for Galaxy S6 Available for Pre-order Now, Priced at $250

If virtual reality is at the back of your mind when you are shopping around for a flagship handset from Samsung, then the good news is, you don’t need to settle on a Note 4 to have the virtual reality experience cos’ you can now pre-order the collab VR headset by Samsung and Oculus for […]

Finally, There is Going to be a Virtual Reality Goggles That Works with Both Android and iOS

Of late, virtual reality is kind of an Android thing with most headsets introduced to date are tailored for particular make and model of handset. So if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll have to hold out for Apple to come up with a VR headset, which they will definitely do, or you can go with […]