An immersive home theater setup that includes a big-ass UHD display and sound system proper with Dolby Digital audio to boot may set you back at tens of thousands of dollars. Clearly, that is a luxury reserved for richie rich. Not with the Cinera Edge which literally costs a fraction of that price.

Cinera Edge 5K OLED Head Mounted Display

There’s a caveat here, though. Cinera Edge caters to a single person home theater experience because, Cinera Edge is a 5K OLED head-mounted display, or as layman may know it as a video headset.

If you are a movie buff who demands the best in both picture and sound quality, you ought be to be pumped by this product.

Cinera Edge is 50 percent smaller than the company’s first HMD – thanks to micro OLED technology that affords it to pack an eye-watering 5K resolution with mind-boggling level of pixel density in compact form factor.

Cinera Edge 5K OLED Head Mounted Display

Cinera Edge offers 5K experience, delivered through two 0.8-inch micro OLED displays, each delivering 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. The display is equivalent to a 1,200-inch display when viewed at 20 meters (66 feet), or 66 degree wide left-to-right. Refresh rate, however, is just the standard 60 Hz.

It further boasts DCI-P3 color standard that has more full gamut of color over sRGB, a contrast ratio of 500,000:1 and it has a claimed responds time of 0.00001s.

Cinera Edge 5K OLED Head Mounted Display

Audio is put out through an integrated Dolby Digital certified headphone offering an immersive 5.1 channels of surround sound.

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The device can worn with glasses, but with diopter adjustment, you to ditch your prescription glasses when using this device. Plus, it has inter pupillary distance adjustment too.

An onboard also allows the headset to be used as a VR headset and the device does support iOS devices as well as Apple AirPlay.

Cinera Edge runs Android, thus allowing you to install a myriad of entertainment apps, or stream content over WiFi. You can also connect Cinera Edge to external HDMI devices, such as Blu-ray, gaming consoles, PC, and even a drone if you so desire.

On paper, the Cinera Edge does sound like a dream home theater setup (for a single person, that is). More so when it costs as low as US$449. However, this price is only if you back for the product on Kickstarter.

Not surprisingly, the campaign is well over its funding goal, which means the product is a goal and backers should receive the product sometime in December 2020.

All images courtesy of Cinera Inc..

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