We have seen a number masks since the start of the pandemic. From DIY HEPA filter face mask to branded ones from the likes of New Balance and Under Armour to fun face masks – we thought we seen it all.

UVMask Next-generation Reusable Mask

Apparently not. Folks, meet the UVMask Next-generation Reusable Mask. Possibly the most ‘high-tech’ face mask yet, featuring a two-stage filtration process.

The first stage is a replaceable, high-efficiency air filter that is capable of removing over 95% airborne pollutant and allergens and the second stage is a patent-pending “ultra-high intensity” UV-C Vortex which the company, UM Systems, claimed to increase purification of the air to over 99.99%.

UVMask Next-generation Reusable Mask

UV-C, as the name implies, utilizes UV LED to bust airborne particulates.

The best part, or so we heard, is that the purification is a two-way process. This means, not only the air you breathe is purified, but also the air that you exhale.

UM Systems also claimed that UVMask is “mechanically-enhanced,” affording wearers natural breathing while maintaining 100% airtight.

Other touted features include skin-friendly silicone inner layer, an aesthetically pleasing and durable hard shell, up to 10,000 hours of light source lifetime, and a rechargeable battery pack that provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation per charge.

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If you are sold by the idea, you may want to pre-order it on Kickstarter. But be warned, it does not come cheap. Each UVMask Next-generation Reusable Mask will run you back at US$99. It is worthy to mention that the product is designed in the U.S. and surprise, surprise, it is made in Japan.

All images courtesy of UM Systems.

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