Pooch Power Shovel picks up your dog’s waste gracefully

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(credit: Pet Power Products) Pooch Power Vacuum Shovel | US$99.99 | www.petpowerproducts.com

there’s not much grace involved when it comes to picking up your pooch’s excrement. squatting down or bending over can be rather ‘ungraceful’ not to mention the smell that will greet you. thank goodness there’s the Pooch Power Vacuum Shovel that will saves you from the aforementioned scenario. this wonder gadget for dog lovers features a powerful, built-in electric vacuum that sucks tons of poops per charge. well, not literally tons but figuratively. the vacuum sucks up the poops into a biodegradable 3-lb plastic bag, making it capable of handing any dog from Chihuahua to Mastiff.
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such handy gadget obviously won’t be cheap. the Pooch Power Vacuum Shovel will cost you $99.99 and comes bundled with 25 bags.

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