HEPA Filter Face Mask You Can Made at Home

There is no lacking of video tutorials teaching you how to make your own face mask to keep yourself and others around you safe in this unprecedented time, but this particular tutorial stands out because, the instruction is coming from the person who is most at risk: a medical doctor.

The said doctor is Dr. Ryan Southworth, a board-certified emergency medicine physician and emergency medical services medical director. OK. He did not actually made the mask himself. His lovely wife did.

HEPA Filter Face Mask You Can Made at Home

Dr. Southworth credited his wife for figuring out how to make a clinically-better-than-N95 mask that has both the seal and filtration required. And the main choice of material? A standard HEPA filter vacuum bag.

Yup. You heard that right. A vacuum filter. And why not? HEPA is an OSHA certified filter that can filter out 99.97 percent of airborne particulate matters. A typical N95, on the other hand, does about 95 percent.

If you are interested in making the mask yourself or making a bunch of them to donate to the frontline medical team, you can watch the tutorial in its entirety HERE. There are also directions for making masks in the video’s description, as well as a link to downloadable mask patterns.

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Images: YouTube (Dr. Ryan Southworth).