John’s Labowicz Radio Control Micro Defender 4x4

If you ever wanted to get into rock crawling (the RC vehicle, not you!), but the nature’s wonder (i.e. rock formation) is far from you, then this little fellow, John’s Labowicz Radio Control Micro Defender 4×4, could be the perfect tiny machine for some rock crawling action in the comfort of your home.

John’s Labowicz Radio Control Micro Defender 4x4

John’s Labowicz Radio Control Micro Defender 4×4 is like the Micro Machines of the RC world. It may not be as tiny as Micro Machines, but man, it is insanely tiny even by today’s micro RC car standards.

If you think Kyosho micro RC vehicles are small, well, you ain’t see nothing yet. Just look at a grown man’s hand compared to the toy. IT. IS. TINY! If you need numbers. It is of 1:67 scale, measuring mere 60 mm long by 30 mm wide (2.36 by 1.18 inches) and weighs a feather light 16g (0.564 oz).

John’s Labowicz Radio Control Micro Defender 4x4

Created by a RC enthusiast named John, this Micro Defender 4×4 lay claims as the world’s smallest axle crawler and features, believe it or not, a full-time four-wheel drive with brass transmission.

The body, frame, hubs and axles are 3D printed in SLA and it further features an Ackerman steering geometry and caster angle for steering, which is proportional to boot. It is powered by a core-less motor mated to a 1:136 planetary high torque gear.

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Other features include guitar strings suspension, nickel universal joints, realistic wheels with silicone tires, Deltang RX430d-1 receiver with ESC, and 80 mAh lithium polymer battery.

This thing is a work of art. But it does not come cheap. It is sold as bind-and-run for a cool €270 (around US$297). If you want the body painted, that would be €285 (about U$313). Add €20 (US$22) if you want front and rear LED lights.

Images: John’s Labowicz.