Micro Machines is Coming Back in 2020

Micro Machines. The miniature toy car range from San Francisco-based toy company Galoob, most fondly remembered for its incredibly small proportion and commercial featuring that fast-talking guy, is making a come back.

The timing seems about right, since grown ups who grew up in the 80s should have the financial muscle to pick them up. Micro Machines didn’t actually stopped. OK, actually it did – twice. The second was for good, or so we thought.

It started in 1987 and continued to be produced up until 2008 after Hasbro pick up Galoob in 1998. Thereafter, there was a hiatus that lasted a few years before it was brought back, but only very briefly.

Anywho, official words were, it is making a comeback. Hasbro will be rebooting Micro Machines in partnership with Wicked Cool Toys, the company behind brands like Pokémon and Cabbage Patch Kids.

Details are scarce for now. All we know that a new line of Micro Machines will hit the store shelves in fall of 2020.

That’s a good year from now. But it is returning alright. So the folks who grew up mesmerized by these tiny machines, brace yourselves to be the kids in you once more. As a kid, I never had Micro Machines. My parents wouldn’t let me have it. It is safe to say I was deprived and you bet ya’ ass that I am all for it.

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Image: imgur.

Source: Autoblog.