After learning how Japan’s tuna king paid US$3.1 million for a 612-lb tuna, there’s nothing too surprising in the world of auctions. Then, New Kim came along. It’s not a tuna. It’s a bird. A racing pigeon.

Recently, the two-year-old racing pigeon from Belgium topped the chart as the world’s most expensive pigeon, fetching a cool €1,310,000 (about US$1,550,405 based on today’s going rate) in an ongoing online auction at Pipa Pigeon Paradise.

New Kim Racing Pigeon Auction

The bird belongs to renowned Belgium pigeon breeder, Hok Van De Wouwer, which put up its entire collection of racing pigeons on sale this month. Hok Van De Wouwer is made up of a father and son team, Gaston and Kurt Van De Wouwer.

The duo has a shining resume of breeding ace pigeons. So, it is no surprise that racing pigeon enthusiasts are hitting up the auction to pick up some potential winners for racing or further breeding.

Apparently, New Kim’s achievement was something of a surprise. New Kim have, at time of this post, received over 220 bids. From the bidding history, we can see that two person are vying to get their hands on this prized avian creature.

The €1,310,000 was set on November 3 and hasn’t been out bid yet. If all goes as planned, i.e. the winning bidder did not retract his bid (which he or she can do, with a penalty), then New Kim will officially become the most expensive pigeon since the Belgian bird known as Armando, which a Chinese collector shelled out €1,252,000 (or around US$1,481,886 in today’s rate) for last year.

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Absolutely bonkers – both in New Kim’s and Armando’s case. Anyhoo, now that New Kim’s worth is through the roof, it reportedly has security team watching over her. Take a closer look New Kim here:

Featured image: YouTube (Kalapatiran TV).

Additional image: Pipa Pigeon Paradise.

Source: Oddity Central.

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