Words in the press are, the 45th President has lost his throne. Fret not if you are a loyal supporter with the riches because, besides the mess in America you have him to remember by, you can fly home a piece of the man himself. No. The Air Force One isn’t on sale, neither is the Marine One. But his pre-POTUS days’ helicopter is.

Donald Trump’s 1989 Sikorsky S76B Sale

The outgoing President, former real estate magnate, and star of NBC’s reality TV The Apprentice, Sikorsky S-76B helicopter is up for grab. The helicopter was Trump’s private helicopter, but it was also featured frequently in The Apprentice. So, it is kind of a “star” of sort.

This high-flying ride is exactly how fans may have remembered from The Apprentice, sans for the large “TRUMP” in white letters on the tail boom, which have been stripped.

Donald Trump’s 1989 Sikorsky S76B Sale

The recognizable black-over-white paint job with red stripes remain, so is the signature Donald J Trump’s lavish interior. The paint scheme is surprisingly tastefully done and the interior is pretty right up there in terms of sophistication.

Speaking of the cabin, it is no surprise there are gold accents (real gold, obviously. Its the Don that we are talking about), along with appropriate wood veneers (African Mahogany, to be exact) and fine leather, but nothing too ostentatious. Hell, even the pilot’s and copilot’s seat has, presumably, real fur coverings.

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Trump’s Sikorsky S-76B helicopter still carries the U.S. civil aviation registration code N76DT and it is currently in the possession of Canada-based Aero Asset and America’s Jet Edge Partners. However, the bird is reportedly located in Trenton, New Jersey.

This particular example is one of the three helicopters he has owned. There’s no price tag on it. If anyone’s interested, you may make an offer on Aero Asset where the helicopter is listed for sale.

Images: Aero Asset, Inc..

Source: Luxury Launches.

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