If you are not a fan of sushi, this wasabi-based product will not be an interest to you. However, if you have a thing for this particular Japanese cuisine, then I am sure you will be digging the Tamaruya Wasabeads. Wasabeads is wasabi, the popular and must-have hot condiment when one is eating sushi, but in beads form that looked almost like caviar.

Tamaruya Wasabeads Bead-form Wasabi

Wasabeads was developed by 140-year-old wasabi maker Tamaruya that also produces a bunch of other wasabi-related products including wasabi salt, salad dressing et cetera. The awesomeness of this new wasabi form cannot be overstated. Previously, with the regular wasabi, it did be difficult to eat with like roe sushi and similar sushi, but with the bead form, you can just drop a few beads with the rest of the roe and chomp it down. Easy peasy. I love the idea.

Tamaruya Wasabeads Bead-form Wasabi

Unfortunately, as much I as love the idea, I won’t be able to acquire it because, it is only available in Japan. It’s not that Tamaruya refused to share this gem with the rest of the world; wasabi is perishable and Wasabeads do need to be refrigerated and hence, it won’t take the risk of shipping any overseas. The company, however, do sell small, fresh quantities on their online shop at 5PM each day. But, really, the best way is to hit up the offline stores to grab a bunch of them.

Wasabeads come in 23g (0.8 oz) jars and sells for just 550 yen (about US$5.10 based on the current going rate). For those who aren’t aware, Wasabi a condiment typically consumer with sushi (though there is no stopping you complementing with other types of food). Wasabi is to sushi like Mustard is to hot dog. In fact, I think their taste is fairly similar.

Tamaruya Wasabeads Bead-form Wasabi

Images: Instagram (@tamaruyahonten_wasabi).

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Source: Spoon & Tamago.

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