There are many talented costume makers out there. Some costumes impress because of the goofy factor. Some creations impress because realism and then some impresses they are realistically terrifying, like this one created by prop maker Carl Leck. Leck’s creation, if you are unfamiliar, is the creature Demogorgon from Netflix’s original series Stranger Things. If you saw it in the series, you will know how horrifying this monster is.

Leck managed to recreate the creature in incredible realism that, if I ever see one, I would take off at a drop of a dime. The image of a “flower” face monster isn’t that scary, but then, it opens its mouth and I was like, what… is he going to eat someone!?? Leck took 35 hours to create this awesome monstrosity using cardboard and Gorilla Tape to create the head. With the help of bike cables and rubber bands, he was able to control the opening of the ‘mouth’.

The bike cables run along the length of his right arm to his wrist. When he straightens his wrist, the cables tug the mouth open to offer onlooker a scary delight. And no, we do not know how Leck sees when the mouth isn’t open. Carl Leck’s Demogorgon Cosplay/Costume went viral when it surfaced back in late 2016 and it was brought to our attention recently when it was posted by Twitter user Viral Viral (@xxlfunny1).

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Images: Carl Leck.

Source: Twitter/YouTube.

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