Sony and New Balanced have done it. So did ShiftWear. However, what makes E-Sneakers by Evolux Gear stands out is, the display on the kicks ain’t no e-ink (or e-paper, if you will). It’s a freaking flexible LED display.

And you know what entails with an LED display. Yes. Colors! Granted, its either only red or white, but hey, it is still a win over monochrome, right? Anywho, having colors is not the only trick up its heel.

E-Sneakers Flexible LED Display Sneakers

E-Sneakers features wireless control, afford limitless customization, EQ sync with your music (dope!), and it even displays incoming call. That’s right. Incoming call being announced to everyone around you, at your feet. Is that future? I don’t know.

The display is water and shockproof, and its built-in 800 mAh battery could provide over 8 hours of playback. The battery is rechargeable via the micro USB port and it should take between 4 and 5 hours to get it from zero to 100 percent.

As for what the display can spits out… it can display unique graphics and patterns, personalized text and emojis, and in variety of speeds and brightness. Customization is, of course, via a dedicated app and as for controls, you can simply tap on the sneaker or use the app to mix things up.

As a footwear, it promised comfy insole support, outsole with anti-skid tread, and odor control. Evolux Gear said E-Sneakers is lightweight, breathable, and flexible too, as a good pair of kicks should.

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If you think you are people of the future today, you may want to pick up the E-Sneakers by Evolux Gear on Kickstarter for early bird prices of $99-129. Be warned though, delivery won’t happen until sometime May 2020.

E-Sneakers Flexible LED Display Sneakers

All images courtesy of Evolux Gear.

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