money can buy you a lot of objects of your desire, but one thing that it probably can’t buy is this awe-inspiring, 400,000-piece LEGO Hogwarts custom by LEGO enthusiast and mother of two, Alice Finch. the project started way back in 2011 and it took Alice a good one year and loads of money to complete. it showed up at last year’s Brickcon 2012 where Alice’s creation snagged both the ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Best in Show’ awards. but it was only a couple of days ago that this majestic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry did its official online unveiling. man, this is definitely going to go viral very quickly. the awesomeness of this custom LEGO structure is beyond skin deep: Alice took the pain and time to make sure every details were not spared and unlike the official LEGO Harry Potter sets, Alice’s rendition is far more complex (if 400,000 pieces are anything to go by) with its architecturally accurate structure that comes complete with four walls and a roof, minifigs, and completely decorated inside and out. spending one year constructing this work of art itself is no small feat, but the research Alice had put into to realize the accuracy is also worthy of our admirations. prior to this project, Alice goes beyond just books and movies for details, and went as far as Harry Potter studio tour in London to check out the sets in person. in that way, she will be able to note down sides that aren’t shown in the movies and thereby allowing her to “fill in the gaps.” words simple couldn’t express how impressive this custom LEGO set is and may we suggest check out some more images of this stunning 400,000-Piece LEGO Hogwarts below, or hit the source below to check out even more detailed images.

Flickr via Brothers Brick via Oddity Central

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