LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) Set

Ever wanted to experience the idyllic life of living in the woods in a classic A-frame cabin surrounded by the wonder of nature but never get to do so because there are actual bills to pay? Well, here’s a more realistic alternative: the LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338).

LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) Set

Based on the winning submission on LEGO Ideas by LEGO fan designer Andrea Lattanzio aka Norton74, LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) is the perfect retreat for getting away without actually getting away.

Inspired by the iconic A-framed log cabins from the 1950s, the LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) is not just another beautiful brick-built architecture; it is a diorama complete with a woodshed, intricate trees, a squirrel, and even a canoe.

The steeply angled roof can be removed to reveal the detailed interior, featuring an upper bedroom and living room, study, and kitchen on the lower level. Basically, it is as complete as any cabin in the woods, less the actual woods, obviously. But you have got 3 colorful trees and a bunch of accessories to recreate the rustic rural scene.

LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) Set

Rounding up the set are 4 customizable minifigures, plus a whopping 11 animal figures, including 2 new-for-February-2023 moths.

All told, the set packs 2,082 pieces and measures over 9.5 in. (24 cm) high, 8 in. (21 cm) wide, and 9 in. (22 cm) deep when completed.

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The LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) Set is scheduled to drop on February 04, 2023, priced at US$179.99. Meanwhile, more information regarding the set can be found HERE.

You may also learn more about the motivation behind the set and its LEGO fan designer, Andrea, HERE. Before you go, you may want to check out a 2-hour long video from LEGO that recreate the cabin chill experience as viewed through the lens of a LEGO cabin “cam”. 

All images courtesy of LEGO.