When you started to see products that don’t belong to the consumer electronics category at CES, you know that tech has evolved. Automobiles are one of them. It started several years ago. And now, we are seeing, wait what? A tent? That’s right. Jackery, makers of outdoor generators and solar panels, have brought a tent to CES.

Jackery LightTent-AIR PV-powered Tent

The high-tech tent, called Jackery LightTent-AIR, is a PV-powered tent equipped with thin and flexible gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cells that are capable of outputting as much as 1,200 W.

It is an inflatable tent with a self-supporting inflatable structure, which makes setting up a breeze, and it is made from waterproof and flame-retardant PVC-coated fabric. Jackery said this material has good heat-insulating properties and is easy to maintain.

The aforementioned flexible GaAs solar panels are fitted on the adjustable canopy and built-in storage modules are used to store the electricity generated during the day to provide power at night. Not surprisingly, Jackery LightTent-AIR bagged the CES Best of Innovation Award.

Jackery showcased the solar tent along with a bunch of products including the Air-W, a portable wind power generation accessory capable of producing 200 W of power, and LightCycle-S1, a futuristic, wheeled outdoor energy storage solution that converts kinetic energy into electricity and charges the built-in battery pack.

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The wheeled battery can store up to 3,500 Wh of electricity and offer 3,500 W of power. It can be fully charged after traveling 200 km (124 miles). Both the wind turbine and the battery wheel are CES Innovations 2023 Honorees.

Images: Jackery.

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