New Balance Face Mask v3 3 Pack

After making face masks for the hospital community, New Balance now turns its attention to consumers with New Balance Face Mask v3 3 Pack. The mask features a 3-layer construction comprising of a nylon tricot inner layer, polyurethane foam, and a polyester suede outer layer, adorned with NB’s branding.

New Balance Face Mask v3 3 Pack

The mask is of medium size, measuring 5 ⅛” X 9 ½” (nose to chin and ear to ear) and further boasts a polyester/TPU outer frame, brass moldable noise piece, and spandex/polyester ear loops. New Balance Face Mask v3 is lightweight, washable non-sterile mask that is made right here in stateside.

It may not have a filter pocket, but given the number of layers, it should provide a pretty reasonable barrier between you and others. Do note that this mask has not been cleared or approved by U.S. FDA for surgical or other medical uses.

It comes in a pack of 3 and it was sold for US$24.99. Not cheap, but you need not to worry about the prices because, last checked, it was all snapped up.

Images: New Balance.

Source: Uncrate.