For every video game console, there is a related magazine, be it official or not, that lets fans dive deep into all-thing on their favorite console. Not surprising Nintendo did too, back in the days when its console reined supreme. The console maker’s monthly magazine, aptly called Nintendo Power, offers readers official news, upcoming game titles, reviews and even strategy guides, and it was available for 13 years, starting in 1989. Fast forward to today, those magazines are no longer available, nor are they being published, but lucky for you, the retro Nintendo enthusiasts, you can feast your eyes to the retro materials with the first 145 issues of Nintendo Power available at

The best part is, they are available to you in modern day digital format which you can safely tuck away in your digital storage, so dear mommy need not to nag you about the gazillion magazines you had in the room and oh, did we mention that they are free for you and available in a range of digital formats for multiple readers, including Amazon Kindle and most e-readers? If that’s isn’t a good news, we don’t know what is. Now, can we hear three cheers from retro Nintendo gaming fans?

via BallerStatus

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