Wee 1 Tactical JR-15 .22Cal Rifle for Children

There is a reason why there is an age limit to smoking and drinking, and driving but apparently, when it comes to the great passion of Americans, there is no limit. I am not talking about hotdogs with ketchup. I am talking about guns.

Wee 1 Tactical JR-15 .22Cal Rifle for Children

I know there are parents who taught their young ones to shoot but having a real gun that shoots real bullets designed for kids is beyond controversial. Even more controversial than the pistol decorated to look like a LEGO brick-built gun, IMHO. Like, how is not, right?

Anywho, the gun in question is the Wee 1 Tactical JR-15. Cute name too, btw, and it won’t just attract kids. I am sold by its cuteness. According to Wee 1 Tactical, the JR-15 is about 20% smaller than an AR-15 and features “a tamper-resistant safety that puts adults in control of the firearms safety switch.

I like guns but the thought of letting kids have a real gun to learn about shooting even before they can have a driving lesson or legal to drink alcohol et cetera gives me goosebumps.

Yes, I understand danger can be taught and avoided but if education works, we won’t be needing risk assessments for workplaces, do we? We wouldn’t have so many shooting incidents, would we? Ya know what I am saying?

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People don’t come up with the saying: “to err is human” out of thin air. Even as grown people, we make mistakes, let alone kids who may not comprehend the gravity of situations.

Whether or not it is the right thing to do, it is up for debate. Meanwhile, you can learn more about this very, very controversial weapon HERE. And yes, it is a real gun that money can buy.

Images: Wee 1 Tactical.