If you find yourself popping a cold one every now and then, and you also happen to be a ring-wearer, whether as a fashion statement or because you are married, then the switchBand Covert Bottle Opener Ring may tickle your fancy. Why? Because it is a ring that has a spring-loaded bottle opener hidden away. Sounds a little James Bond-ish, eh? Beneath its industrial styling lies quite an engineering marvel in miniature proportion. The ring looks just like a regular ring, but at a press of a side clasp, the ring comes to live, revealing the hidden bottle opener.

The coolest thing is, it is designed to allow for a seamless, one-handed operation. From flicking it open to popping open a cold one to re-latching – all it takes is one hand. That’s real smooth. You know what? You could be coolest guy in the party because of this one ring. Yea, yea. I know. Ring with integrated bottle opener is not the newest news and so is popping open a bottle with a regular ring, but they are certainly not as discreet and they won’t open as swiftly as a regular bottle opener which switchBand appears to be capable of. And it certainly won’t threaten to sprain your wrist, if you know what I mean. Plus, the industrial-styling looks kind of rad too.

switchBand is manufactured using a combination of CNC and wire EDM from medical-grade 316 Stainless Steel. It is available in several finishes, including electropolish, gloss black DLC with diamond carbon, gold TIN with titanium nitride, and gloss black DLC with gold TIN. After a lengthy one-year development process, switchBand is now available through Kickstarter where a pledge of $80 or more will secure you a unit – if the campaign meets its set funding goal that is.

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We are not going to deny it. It is hard to shell out that much for a non-jewelry-grade ring, much less a bottle opener, but what’s even harder is explaining to your wife why you rather wear a 80 bucks ring than your 7 grand Tiffany & Co. 18-karat white gold diamond wedding ring that sealed your love. Have a look at the product intro video after a few more product look.

switchBand Bottle Opener Ring

switchBand Bottle Opener Ring

switchBand Bottle Opener Ring

All images courtesy of ENV Design Group.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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