Billy’s Ballbag Face Mask Cloth and Silicone

Have even you heard the insult, “your face looks like a ball sack?” Well, you can grant whoever said that to you the wish of you actually having a ball sack face with Billy’s Ballbag Face Mask.

Billy’s Ballbag Face Mask Cloth and Silicone

That’s right. Men’s balls have made it to our faces after putting themselves on the map as under the desk stress balls, as a decorative dangling thing on a firearm and croc.

Putting on this mask will turn your lower face into a giant ball sack, complete with realistic folds, wrinkles, and you know, that kind of stuff. Or maybe just a giant ball sack after skinny dipping in a very cold pool.

Be warned though. This is not a medical mask. Hell, it is not even a face mask per se cos’ it is made from silicone which is not breathable, and hence, it is not for prolonged wearing. It is meant to be a gag gift.

Billy’s Ballbag Face Mask Cloth and Silicone

But if you’re really, really want to wear the balls on your face, there is the cloth printed version which is reusable, breathable, and washable.

The Cloth Printed Ballbag Face Mask is a close-fitted cloth with a satin liner. The cloth further boasts OEKO TEX 100 Class 1 certified which means it is perfectly safe for the face.

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Now, before you get all excited, we have bad news. Yes, it is true that both the silicone and cloth version is something money can buy. The former sells for £29.99 (about US$40) and the latter goes for £12.99 (around US$17).

However, last checked, both versions are sold out. To make things worst, Billy’s is closed for the holiday season. This means, no more orders of any kind at this point. Ugh.

Images: Billy’s Ball Bags.