Ever been so pissed by your dickhead boss or colleague to the point that feel you like squeezing their ball sack like there’s no tomorrow? Yeah, we totally feel you and that, my friend, is a form of workplace stress that nobody should be put under and the good news is, you can actually do that. Do what? Squeeze the nuts, duh! Well, not literally of course, as that would be sexual violence that has no place is this wonderful world. Instead, you will want a stress ball that’s designed to look like, ermmm, a man’s family jewels. We are not even kidding. This is could be like the most revolutionary thing to ever happen in the world of stress balls.

Conceived by Spanish creative agency Imaginarte, this testicle form stress ball, aptly called Niceballs, is designed to be stuck under your work desk and supposedly, “its suspension rate creates a Euclidean curve that encourages relaxation and provides the few moments of escapism that we all need once in a while.” Well, that’s a very genteel and rather aristocratic way of describing its use. Or, you could interpret as squeezing your boss’ (or colleague’s) balls and imagining you are unleashing the torture that’s so bad that they’d wish they weren’t born, but without actually harming them, of course. Now, that’s some way to de-stress, eh?

If you are up for some whole new ball squeezing experience, you can pre-order Niceballs from HERE. As for the price, it is unknown at this point. Imaginarte asked that you state the price you are willing to pay for Niceballs, but how much it eventually costs is a mystery.

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Niceballs Stress Ball by Imaginarte

Niceballs Stress Ball by Imaginarte

Niceballs Stress Ball by Imaginarte

Niceballs Stress Ball by Imaginarte

Images: Imaginarte.

via designboom

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