we have seen countless game bundles, but the GRID 2 Mono Edition by Codemasters really takes the cake (seriously. if it doesn’t we don’t know what will). the title is what it say it is: one lucky customer in UK will get to snag up this £125,000 racing game which includes the game itself, a Playstation 3 game console, and a real-deal 280 hp BAC Mono Supercar that comes dress in an exclusive GRID 2 livery. usually the norm is, the game takes the limelight, but we can’t say the same for this particular bundle. the last time we saw a race car giveaway was for buying a business jet, but a free car for a game? this got to be the first. for the uninitiated, BAC Mono is a British-made, road legal, high-performance ride which also stars in the game. the ride may have just 280 horses, but its carbon fiber construction, coupled with a six-speed sequential gearbox, enables this 2.3-liter single-seater to rocket from 0-60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds – thus putting it squarely in the supercar territory.

also included in the package is a day worth of quality time at BAC factory (including some time to customize your ride), a Mono Edition Bell Racing helmet, and BAC Mono and GRID 2 branded made-to-measure racing wear (suit, boots and all). deep pockets GRID 2 aficionados, or rather aficionado, can order this Guinness World Record approved “Most Expensive Video Game Commercially Available” from BAC Mono today. as for the rest who can’t afford it or not lucky enough to bag this one and only offer, you can still get the game later this month. there are a few more images of the BAC Mono Supercar, as well as the included race wear in the gallery below for your viewing pleasure. while you are there, you might also want to catch the game trailer in the embedded video further down.

BAC Mono via Engadget

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