Little reported fact: active lifestyle wireless, in-ear headphones also faces the same battery issue as smartphone and it will ruin your gym trip or travel if the battery die on you. The solution? Charge it with your power bank, or you could go with the Mophie Power Capsule for Wireless Headphones. The solution is quite a non-brainer, really but yet no one has dived into it until now. Not only does the Power Capsule charges your wireless earbuds, its EVA foam and silicone zipper case also serves as a protective storage for your earbuds, keeping it safe during transit.

Mophie Power Capsule for Wireless Headphones

A built-in 1,400 mAh battery affords up to eight full charges for your wireless earbuds, output through an integrated USB port and thanks to its pass-through capabilities, it will allow the Power Capsule and the earbuds to be charged simultaneously. In-built safety circuity ensure your device is fully charged before shutting off to prevent overcharging. Like many battery case and power bank, Mophie Power Case also features a set of LED power indicators on the outside of the case, so you will be in the know of the charging status at a glance.

Last but not the least, Power Capsule is not just for earbuds; it can also provides much needed juice to your other wearables as such, for example, fitness trackers. At just $39.95, Power Capsule solves yet another battery woes faced by modern gadget-toting urbanites.

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Mophie Power Capsule for Wireless Headphones

Images: Mophie.

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