Forget about using a fitness tracker to track your steps because nothing knows best about your walking than your feet, and the Baliston by STARCK is designed to give your feet the ability to speak to you. Described as a tech-augmented shoe, the Baliston by STARCK is designed to tap into the information about our health from the feet. It is unlike anything we have seen so far.

Baliston by STARCK Tech Augmented Shoes

Baliston by STARCK captures biometric information straight from your feet and offers an evolutive ecosystem that transforms footwear into a quality-of-life catalyst. Obviously, a “quality-of-life catalyst” is only a thing if you act on it. If you know what I am saying…

The embedded proprietary sensor module in the shoe analyzes the way you move to provide you with personalized insights and recommendations that let you understand your body to reduce fatigue, back pain, and injury risk. Moreover, the shoe will analyze your so-called “walking DNA” and provide fitted insoles that uplift your extreme comfort to a personalized experience.

The sensor modules measure biomechanical data on the quality of posture and walk, including symmetry, pronation, supination, propulsion, heel impact force, as well as the intensity of the physical activity like speed, number of steps, et cetera. From these data, the modules’ AI then offers insights into your walking DNA. I don’t believe any wearable does that.

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Baliston by STARCK Tech Augmented Shoes

The shoes work in sync with a companion app and are connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE. Over time, the Baliston sensor modules and Baliston Connect will receive software updates to incorporate new features and metrics. Yup. We are at a time where shoes are getting OTA updates too. What a time to be alive, eh?

There is a catch, though; it’s the subscription. So, yeah, the shoes are sold as an annual subscription service. As part of the service, users of the shoes will receive OTA updates as and when they are available. Plus, the Baliston shoes also monitor the deterioration of their own cushioning, and members will receive replacement shoes and recycling of their old shoes at no additional charge. Well, no charge only as long as you remain a member.

Speaking of recycling… in addition to being a pair of high-tech shoes, the Baliston by STARCK is designed with sustainability in mind. Baliston worked with renowned industrial designer Philippe Starck for a collection that is made of 100% recyclable non-fossil bio-based materials, including castor bean, organic cotton, recycled plastic, sugarcane, and non-slip rubber.

Baliston by STARCK Tech Augmented Shoes

The Baliston by STARCK Tech Augmented Shoes is available now in five colorways, priced at US$249.99 a pair, including an annual subscription per user.

Baliston by STARCK Tech Augmented Shoes
Baliston by STARCK Tech Augmented Shoes

Images: Philippe Starck/Baliston.

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