Philippe Starck One Up Its Screw-less Biolink Eyewear With A Sphere, Also Screw-less, Hinge

Famed French designer Philippe Starck is in someway the Tony Stark of the design world. The design extraordinaire, who is behind many iconic designs, does not shy away from leveraging on technology. From using Artificial Intelligence to design chairs to exploring high-tech materials to create rain-proof furniture that looks like indoor furniture, the man explores […]

Look, Philippe Starck Design Beer Too And It’s Called Starck Beer With OLT

Philippe Starck, the French design extraordinaire who have lent his touches to countless products across a wide spectrum of disciplines (including hotels for 30 years now!), together with Sebastien Blaquière of Brasserie d’Oit unveiled Starck Beer With OLT. Yes. You heard that right. Philippe Starck can now add beer to his illustrious portfolio. And yes. […]

This Is Philippe Starck’s Take On A Bike Helmet and It Looks Like An Anti-Riot Squad Helmet

no matter how groundbreaking it is, a bicycle helmet still looks pretty mundane. however, if you approach a multi-disciplinary designer to pen one, things might turn out very differently and in the case of Philippe Starck, it turns to be rather out-of-this-world. as opposed to the usual ‘streaking’ teardrop shape which typically has the ‘pointy’ […]

Cassina MyWorld Sofa by Philippe Starck

a couch is probably not the go-to place for a geek, but it would be, if the the couch in question is the Cassina MyWorld Sofa by Philippe Starck. what appears to be a regular designer furniture actually incorporates an electrical re-charging, a USB charger, as well as a Duracell Powermat wireless charging pad – all discreetly

Parrot Zikmu Solo Stereo Tower Speaker with Duo option

we appreciate the fact that some speakers can do without a pair but then again, it wouldn’t hurt a bit if we can get double the goodness and we certainly won’t mind if the speakers excel in the look department. speaking of which, this is exactly what Parrot is offering: the Parrot Zikmu Solo Stereo Tower Speaker

LaCie x Starck Blade Runner Hard Drive

when a product – any product – is touched by a world class designer, you know you are going to see something really awesome and the LaCie x Starck Blade Runner Hard Drive is one such example and it is, of course, touched by the undisputed, world renown designer Philippe Starck. understandably – who else would have such an incredibly, insane…

stunning Marie Coquine chandelier sheltered by an umbrella

the Marie Coquine chandelier is perhaps the most quirky lightings i have seen. at the first glance, i can’t decide if its an umbrella with lightings or a chandelier with an umbrella stuck to it. the…