we appreciate the fact that some speakers can do without a pair but then again, it wouldn’t hurt a bit if we can get double the goodness and we certainly won’t mind if the speakers excel in the look department. speaking of which, this is exactly what Parrot is offering: the Parrot Zikmu Solo Stereo Tower Speaker with the option to go Duo. unlike the larger, original STARCK-designed Zikmu, the smaller Zikmu Solo is, well, sold as one unit and not in pair (hence the namesake ‘Solo’). anyway, what goes under the hood remains unchanged: you will still find the Class D amplifier pushing out quality audio out to its dual 20W side HARP (High Aspect Ratio Panel), one 20W central BMR (Balanced Modal Radiator and a 40W 6″ neodymium low frequency driver. on the inputs and connectivities end, expect the same servings of Ethernet, WiFi (n), Bluetooth, uPnP, NFC, Samba, as well as DLNA. the highlight here is of course, the Duo option which allows you to hook up two Zikmu Solos wirelessly over WiFi to form a 2 x 100 watts RMS stereo system for an even more immersive audio enjoyment – that’s if you are made out of money. no really. such audio refinement doesn’t and won’t come cheap, especially when a lone Solo already sets you back at $999 and so, it takes elementary math to know that a pair will slap you with a $1,998 bill.

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