thanks to the advancement in radio controlled aircraft, aerial photography/videography has never been easier but there’s a catch here: not everyone has the right skill set to maneuver a flying machine, much less getting it to go precisely the way you wanted. this is where an autonomous UAV like the commercially available senseFly eBee Autonomous Ultralight UAV can help. measuring just 96 centimeters (about 38 inches) across and tipping the scale at a mere 630 grams (1.4 lbs), the eBee (an oddly named aircraft, if we might add) can take to the sky for up to 45 minutes on its lithium polymer battery pack and carry out aerial photography (or videography) with its electronically integrated and controlled 16-megapixel camera. it is capable of achieving up to 57 km/h (35 mph) cruising speed and take on up to 45 km/h (28 mph) of wind punishment.

other key features include an optimized aerodynamic profile, detachable wings (and thus, replaceable in the event of damage), hand-launched without the need for additional gears, intuitive planning, monitoring and control software ensures minimal training is required to take it to the sky, autonomous taking off, flying and landing, built-in automatic safety/emergency procedures, onboard data logging, and up to 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) radio link that offers a coverage of up to 10 square kilometer or 3.9 square mile. another worthy mention is the included eMotion 2 software that allows you to plan, simulate, monitor and control the trajectory of this aircraft both before and while in flight. with the same software, you can also map out the flight path and update the mission as and when needed. the senseFly eBee Autonomous Ultralight UAV comes with a carry-on sized case for easy transportation of the craft, along with all its accessories so that you can bring it to virtually anywhere your project calls. slated to be available beginning 2013 with an yet-to-be-announced pricing.

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