this probably won’t make it to your humble pad anytime soon but that doesn’t make the Dyson Airblade Tap any less desirable. in fact, it is probably the faucet (or tap, if you like) that would make any high-tech geek’s home look complete, well, at least in the bathroom department. within its unusual three-prong design hides a sensor-based faucet and hand dryer that lets you wash your hands and dry them without having to straddle across the room to a standalone dryer. the magic is, of course, more than just skin deep – it is in the world’s smallest full-integrated 1400W motors that sucks in 28 liters of air per second through a HEPA filter and blasting the air out as two “high-velocity sheets of air’ that would dry your hands in 12 seconds. according to the British-based firm, the motor is capable of revving up to 90,000 rpm in under a second and cost the firm nearly £30 million to develop. with that, you kind of already know what sort of pricing this tap would cost (hint: expensive). the Dyson Airblade Tap may look like a faucet that’s geared towards public and commercial places but it is not entirely true. you can actually own it – if you have like £1,000 to spare. available from March 2013.

Dyson via CNET UK

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