We are all up in making our home high-tech, but the one place in our homes that most people probably won’t consider making it high-tech is the bathroom. Why? Probably because of the lack of high-tech bathroom products and this is sparsely filled void is where bathroom and kitchen equipment maker Kohler aims to fill. At the CES in Vegas last month, Kohler brought to the show floor a bunch of high-tech bathroom and kitchen solution which, among them, is a $7,500 high-tech throne called Numi and a voice-activated lighted mirror under the brand’s Verdera range. Keep going for a summary of the two of the high-tech bathroom hardware.

Numi Intelligent Toilet with Kohler Konnect
Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet with Kohler Konnect
First, the Numi defies the design norm by going all-out squarish which, I am not going to lie, looks super rad. The high-tech, square look is completed by nightlight and ambient colored lighting that looks like it is pulled straight out of the Tron world. Billed as Kohler’s most advanced toilet, it bestow users with the ability to fine tune every aspect of their toilet experience, from the ambient lighting to wireless Bluetooth music sync capability to the heated seat and wait for it… foot warmer. Moreover, it also touts hands-free control, as well as personalized cleansing functionality, with all features controllable via voice command, the Kohler Konnect app, or the remote.

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Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet with Kohler Konnect

With Numi, your toilet experience will be completely hands free. Just walk up to it, the lid will open with a warm seat and when you are done, it will flush and close after you. And did we mention that it is totally personalizable to each individual of the household? Yep. It sure can do that. Also, it is Alexa-enabled, allowing you to access your playlist of songs too. Other highlights include warm-water cleansing, stainless steel wand with UV sanitizing function, adjustable water temperature, pressure and spray, warm air-dryer, automatic deodorization, touchscreen remote, and speaker with wireless steaming capability.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa
Kohler High-tech Bathroom Products for 2018
Smart bathroom mirror is definitely not new, but the Verdera is the first in the market to have Amazon Alexa. So, as you have guessed, you can use it like any Amazon Alexa-enabled devices which means, you can use, albeit rather oddly, the bathroom mirror to do things like shopping, play music, check weather and traffic updates, and whatnot. It is, as the product name implies, voice controlled and using voice, you can control other Kohler Konnect products, as well as dim the LED light. Also included is a motion-activated night light which kind of makes your bathroom experience almost hands free. No idea how much this will cost or when it will be available, but judging from the current lineup’s pricing, it should be no less than $1,300.

All images courtesy of Kohler.

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