The mention of concrete objects, you’d relate to raw, gray surfaces, but not in the case of Kast Canvas, a new line of patterned basins from British concrete basin specialists, Kast Concrete Basins. As the product name suggests, these concrete-based sinks aren’t presented in the typical raw, gray form which some of us admire so much; instead, it is patterned. Personally, I love concrete for what it is and so, I am not sure hiding it behind pattern is my cuppa. However, objectively speaking, the Kast Canvas does indeed looks pretty and very unique, especially when it is colorized.

Kast Canvas Elm by Kast Concrete Basins
Kast Canvas “Elm”

Where product images are concerned, I would even go as far as to say Kast Canvas line is classy. But the question of why patterned concrete still lingers. According to our source, Kast Canvas is an exploration “of the possibilities of what concrete can offer with elegant surface patterns.” Like I said, I am not going to deny its beauty nor am I going to dispute its elegance, but I am good with just raw concrete surfaces. If you ask me, I would think part of the appeal of raw concrete is minimalism and therefore, by throwing in patterns, it kind of goes the other way.

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Kast Canvas Mara by Kast Concrete Basins

Altogether, there are three designs being presented: a simple and elegant vertical linear line design called “Elm,” a circular interlocking pattern reminiscent of ancient Chinese coins called “Mara,” and one called “Vos” which has triangular pattern. Kast Cast will be available in any of the Kast Colours and so, I am guessing raw color is an option too.

We are not quite sure when it will be available. Pricing is not disclosed at point either, but for those who will be hitting up International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) this May, you will be able to get up close with this new basin line where it will be on display.

Kast Canvas Vos by Kast Concrete Basins

Kast Canvas Patterned Concrete Basins by Kast Concrete Basins

Kast Canvas Patterned Concrete Basins by Kast Concrete Basins

Images: Kast Concrete Basins.

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