Since after 2012, there have been lesser talk about preparation for apocalypse, but looking today’s volatile international relations and domestic uncertainties, you’d be hard pressed not to pick up the topic once again. Then again, it is not by choice one wants to rest on his or her laurels; it is the price to prep for say, a nuclear fallout, that’s preventing an individual from doing so. The price for a fully-kitted, nuclear blast proof safe haven deep underground is prohibitive, thus making it a luxury average joe won’t even want to dream. But not all hopes are lost if you are not a multi-millionaire cos’ Vivos Group, the California-based company that builds and maintains fortified shelters for high net worth clienteles, has an affordable solution which it calls Vivos xPoint.

Vivo xPoint Private Survival Shelter
The entrance to your 25 grand, blast proof home.

Billed as the larges private shelter community on Earth, xPoint boasts 575 private military bunkers in a 9 square miles area located near the Black Hills area of South Dakota – always from the threat of Tsunamis and far away from the nearest military target. The bunkers are decommissioned military ammunition storage facilities and so, not surprisingly, each bunker is made out of hardened concrete and steel that is said to be capable of withstanding a 500,000-pound internal blast. Though it is worthy to note that since the bunkers were intended for highly explosive ammunitions, the blast rating is taken from the inside, but I am sure, if it can stand up to 500,000-pound internal blast, it should be able to the same if the blast comes from outside.

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Vivo xPoint Private Survival Shelter
A possible layout idea for the blank bunker.

Each bunker measures 26.5 feet across, stretches 60 or 80 feet long and has a 13 feet tall ceiling, making it suitable for a mezzanine level if desired. Entrance to each individual bunker is via a massive concrete and steel blast door which Vivos said can be further sealed to prevent water, air and gas permeation. So, how much for this safe haven? Just $25,000 and it is yours. That’s like way cheaper than a tiny apartment in New York City which makes one wonder, is it real? Well, it is real, alright, but it is not without a catch or two.

Vivo xPoint Private Survival Shelter
Entrance as viewed from inside this massive blank space.

$25,000 is a one-time, upfront payment and the bunker is not yours to keep for life; it is on a 99-year lease, plus there’s a $1,000 a year on-going payment. There’s another major catch here: the bunker is not equipped nor it is renovated. It is completely void of furnishing too and so, you are essentially getting a big-ass space which will require retrofitting of exhaust and air vents, propane generator, fuel tank, electrical works, plumbing, septic tank and whatnot, plus laying out the interior decorations like you would with any regular home to make it nice and cosy.

You will also want to include building walls as part of your renovation as each bunker is fit for 10-20 person and you will want rooms cos’ you know, privacy. As you can see, the eventual outlay is more than $25,000. It could easily runs up to tens of thousands, but then again, it is still way more affordable as compared to a $1.5 million missile silo-turned-nuclear fallout dwelling.

Vivo xPoint Private Survival Shelter
The deep end of the bunker.
Vivo xPoint Private Survival Shelter
A closer look at the bunker buried beneath earth. Bunkers are 400 feet apart in all directions.
Vivo xPoint Private Survival Shelter
An overview of the area in South Dakota and yes, it is fenced up to keep nosies and/or zombies out.

Images: Vivos Group.

Vivos via Business Insider.

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