Planning To Invest In Real Estate? Here Are Some Useful Tips

Are you considering investing in real estate? There are many reasons to do so, whether it’s your first time or if you’re a seasoned investor. You could choose to buy at the right price, understand zoning issues, renovate, research the neighborhood and find the most suitable tenants. These are just some of the many factors …

Mistake That You Might Want To Avoid When Selling A House

If you’re selling your home, it’s vital that you remember some of the most common mistakes that can happen. When selling your house, there are always things you might want to avoid doing; mistakes can be costly, but if you know what to do, you can avoid them. This post will cover some of the …

What You Should Do When Taking On A Dilapidated Property

A lot of ambitious people who want the opportunity to create their dream home might see this change in the form of a run-down property. These houses are usually very cheap, despite their size or location, simply because they have been left abandoned or the former owners have neglected them.

Bentley Motors Partnered With Dezer For Bentley-branded Residences In Miami

Aston Martin has just been outdone by its fellow country automaker, Bentley Motors. As you probably have already heard Aston Martin has five fully furnished exclusive Aston Martin homes at 130 William, NY. That’s just two floors of a building that isn’t Aston Martin’s.

Anthenea Is The First Floating Hotel Suite Which Can Also Buy For US$480,000

The concept of floating hotel is not new, but Anthenea takes it to the next level by giving you a floating… hotel suite. It is literally a floating room on its own, far from annoying fellow human beings including, ermm, housekeepers?

Infographic: How to Build an Underground Bunker In 9 Steps

Judging from the response of some people during this pandemic, we can safely assume that nobody even cares if there was going to be an apocalypse. But that’s just some people. In case you do care, you may want to be prepared like Colin Furze whom have built an underground apocalyptic bunker in his backyard.

Amazon Now Sells Entire Houses With Free Shipping To Boot

It is no secret that Amazon sells virtually anything. The online retail giant sells anything from the most mundane items like books and blenders to crazy stuff like uranium ore and Old Man wall decals. Now, we heard it is selling entire houses too. And when say “entire houses,” we are not talking about real …

You Can Buy This Scottish Island For A Lot Less Than A Condo In NYC

How much you’d pay for an apartment in NYC? Probably upwards of $800K? What if you have a lot less, but desire to feel like you are as rich as, say, Richard Branson? Well, here’s the solution: Scottish Isle of Eilean Nan Gabhar, otherwise known as the Island of the Goats. For £120,000, or about …

Meanwhile In Hong Kong, Someone Sold A Parking Space For $760K

Investments exist in many forms. Some people invest in gold, some in cryptocurrency, stocks and shares, and some prefer the good’ol properties. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, folks with disposal income are investing in parking spaces. Yup. You heard right. Parking lot investment is a thing. In fact, to say it is a thing is an …