GRIFFNER x Studio F. A. Porsche Floating House

Automakers association with real estate is not new. But mostly – if not all – are limited to interior design and furnishing. However, this latest automaker’s involvement with real estate is different; it is an entire house. Granted, Studio F. A. Porsche is not an automaker per se but it is still the German automaker’s premium design agency which has its hands on many Porsche products. So it does kind of make this house a Porsche home.

GRIFFNER x Studio F. A. Porsche Floating House

Anyways, Studio F. A. Porsche has partnered with Carinthian timber construction company GRIFFNER to reveal a prefab masterpiece of functional living design with a blend of visionary design and sustainable architecture, dubbed “Floating House.” This marks the first time Studio F. A. Porsche has ventured into residential design.

This unique collaboration results in a house that offers oversized space, floor-to-ceiling windows, and customizable finishes. Manufactured in Carinthia with precision, it represents a new icon of freedom in residential design, available for purchase in varying sizes and configurations. That’s right, my friends, the “Floating House” is a house money can buy.

Starting from 180 square meters (about 1,938 square feet), the house offers a variety of finishes and equipment, all predesigned by Studio F. A. Porsche and manufactured by GRIFFNER at its Griffen facility.

GRIFFNER x Studio F. A. Porsche Floating House

Assembly takes around three weeks, with the structure ready in just two weeks. All told, the entire house can be completed in five to seven months. All you need is a land with the necessary infrastructure in place.

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To be honest, I do not know how much it will cost and how you can go about buying the Floating House. However, if you are ready to buy one, you may get in touch with Studio F. A. Porsche to inquire.

Images: Porsche Design.