SENS Minimalistic Pen by Verge

There are pens and there are pens that turn heads, and if the latter is your choice of writing instrument, then perhaps the SENS by Verge may be right up your alley. As you can see, SENS weighs heavy on style factor with its minimalistic approach. Apart from the refill and requisite spring, it has just two parts: the smooth body and the knurled upper section that doubles as twist mechanism to reveal the pen tip. CNC machined anodized aircraft aluminum together with the tear-drop shape is not ergonomic but also offers the perfect balance for writing.

SENS Minimalistic Pen by Verge

The pen measures 5.35 inches (136 mm) long and 0.43 inch (11 mm) and 0.35 inch (9 mm) at its widest and narrowest point, respectively. And it is pretty weighty too, tipping the scale at 1 oz. or 28g, for a confident, sturdy feel when writing. Each pen is equipped with a Schmidt P8126 capless roller ball pen refill and comes with its own wooden box that also doubles as a pen stand so you can proudly display your writing instrument of choice when not in use. When the ink runs out, you can always swop it out for any Parker G2 type refills.

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With a pen this beautiful, it is not surprising to see folks flocking to back its campaign on Kickstarter. As it stands, the campaign is already 420 percent funded. If you want one, you can join the 300+ backers in pre-ordering a piece or two for $55 or more. Delivery is expected to happen sometime this July. Go past the jump to catch the pitch video to learn more.

submitted via TIP US page.