Social Shower Curtain brings Social Network to your bathroom

Social Shower Curtain
(photos: Spinning Hat) Social Shower Curtain | £14.99 |

with the proliferation of social network, Facebook in particular, it is not surprisingly to find the ‘ultimate facebook addict’ who can’t leave a minute without logging on to it. we can think of two occasions that you probably can’t click your life away, and they are: in the shower and when you are in the toilet tending to your ‘business’. well, we can’t actually recommend anything for the latter, saves for the fact that you could probably bring your phone into the toilet, which you can spare us the detail. however, on the shower part, there’s actually something that could relieve you of the pain of not being able to log on even for that few minutes. meet the Social Shower Curtain, a shower curtain that features your showering activities ‘real time’ and it comes complete with a cool transparent window, ‘displaying’ your most ‘recent’ photo’. very cheeky, indeed. The Social Shower Curtain can be yours for a modest price tag of £14.99 or about US$23, based on the current going rate.

The Spinning Hat via HolyCool

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